Which artwork did you like the most from me?

December’s here, and the year’s almost over! I want to take a quick minute and take a recap poll on my efforts.

2021 has been a big year for me on the forums since I became a Krita Artists user. I’ve posted ideas for the software, given awesome stories through my art, and received help from new friends, including the Krita staff! You guys are awesome.

Now, from what I have said, I want some reviews from you. I don’t think I’ve really gotten much, but that’s okay. I could change that!

Which artwork did you like the most from me? If you don’t have a favorite or have one but want to keep it private, I won’t bother.

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Hello, we literally just spoke once XD but as artists I thought it’d be nice to hold more conversations, I think feedback criticism is fundamental for the journey of an artist.
I’ve checked your portfolio and I found myself to be liking Cozy Tristan. In the one hand, your artstyle looks really soft and the palette in this particular piece adds to that feeling. : D The expression and hair are really adorable, it makes me want to have a plushie with one of these. x)
In the other hand, I feel like the cloth creases are a little too much, I think something simpler would fit the artstyle. In no means I’m saying you shouldn’t study cloth folding though <.<; An artstyle this simple wouldn’t allow for more satisfying cloth results, I think you were trying to achieve a more detailed clothing, if you want to do that my advice is to take some photo references and try to understand them.
But so far so good !! Other than that I see no other mistakes : D
I hope my review helps you ^^;

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