Which brush to use?

Hey I feel I am using the wrong brushes on krita all along.
Please check the artwork I have done so far at: https://www.instagram.com/susitimess/
I want to do something like attached.

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To me it looks like the person put basic uses to their maximum potential! :blush: A lot of the time basic brushes are used as they are easy to work with and give very clean-looking results!

I would guess something like these default brushes in Krita could work replicating the style:
Basic 2 Opacity - For shading
Basic 5 Size Opacity - For detailing
Basic 6 Details - For linework
Airbrush Soft - For large soft transitions, also for making the highlights look glowy
Blender Basic or Wet Paint - For blending

And then special brushes or images with a special blending mode for making the background!

Thank you Rakurri!

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