Why do the Krita devs respond to such silly topics like what I post? Same with the regulars, they respond to so much stuff.

Aren’t there more important things to do? Especially for you regulars out there, do you have too much time? Even with such time, I have other things to do. Like doing stuff on the actual app. Or playing monkey game. Or being sorry in advance for asking this question.

Well, I’m hesitating to give you an answer…


Of Course. (Insert Run 3 cutscene here.)

Sorry, you have an humor that I’m not able to follow :man_shrugging:


I’m sorry that our genuine attempts to help the community strike you as a waste of time.

Run 3 is a game about aliens running through tunnels. It has a good story. A cutscene featured is named “Of Course”. I want to make it a meme.

It’s called procrastinating. Programming non-stop has a toll, so in between it doesn’t hurt to take small breaks. (Though to be clear, I can only speak for myself)

When we all become machines, then we can work non-stop.


If you make jokes that you’re the only one to understand, that’s no really a joke :crazy_face:

You might be careful, because at one time:

  • nobody will take time to answer you even if you really need help
  • moderators might be bored too…


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I try to concentrate on people who seem to need help with krita, or other serious discussions that are a good and worthwhile use of my time.


At least on Adobe you can pay them to ignore you.

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So you are okay with locking this thread right?