Widgets Development In Krita

Widget Development With Krita…


Neat what you can do with dynamic programming. While krita wasn’t directly involved with development with this widget, It does show a live dynamic python widget in wxPython. This shows it is possible to develop live within krita… with python, (if you provide your own dynamic editor…).

The widget above was created with SourceCoder, and Krita with a few screenshots for color range guessing. No animation was done with Krita(soley wxPython coding).

This widget was coded in the style of Windows7 TaskbarButton style.

The pening with wxPy4.0 doesn’t provide gradient functions, but can be done if hacked around. wxPy4.1 can do the pen linings like Win7 does.

What I have learned doing just this widget, … It makes me think what more is possible, considering animation is a bit better smoother(programming-wise) with PySide/PyQT as of this writing…

Makes me wonder what other widgets could be programmed with the help of a paint app?
…And or as a plugin/krita widget…
… just hooking into krita …

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