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Original character artwork, a value exercice aside my webcomic Pepper&Carrot.
CC-By ‘David Revoy’.


Is this a cross over episode between Pepper & Carrot and How to train your dragon?


:laughing: :+1:

Lovely work! :grin:

Hey David, I somehow expected to see you a lot more on this site ;3.
Awesome Artwork by the way.

I like the colors and also the mood of the painting. A good piece @Deevad

Thanks @Rakurri !

Thank you @Takiro ; I’m shy! :blush: I read more than I post or participate right now.

@raghukamath : Thanks! Happy new year by the way; I missed to reply to your wish on IRC few days ago, I was afk for long.

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Happy New Year to you and Alicja too :slight_smile:

Always an inspiration to see your works! Love it.

Before looking the name of the artist who made this awesome artwork with chilly organic storybook style, no doubt, this is David our b0i.

Thank you @bogdancovaciu and @VortexSupernova :wink:

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Stunning! Very cinematic. Mr. Revoy, you’ve been a reference since the Chaos & Evolutions DVD.

Oh wow! Great you remember this Dvd @oliver (10 years old this year!). Thank you.


@Deevad 10 years… How time passes

Is this gonna be the next Krita boot-up screen?:sunglasses:

@KIRE :smiley: Hehe! But boot-up splash screen are always Kiki and made by Tyson Tan. :wink: And I like it! I hope Tyson will continue this.

Pepper&Carrot splash screen (an easter egg) happens only for the holidays during December and a bit in January, and I love it.