Wojtryb ready to join Krita-artists

Hi there!
I’m Wojtek and I just got notified about that new website which is super exciting. I can’t wait to see what this thing can evolve into.
Anyway, here is one of my artworks, that I’m proud of. Would love to hear any feedback :slight_smile:



Nice artwork, welcome to the community :heart:

I am featuring your artwork :+1:t4:

Thanks a lot :wink:
I already try to share my love for krita all across the internet, but the internet site dedicated to this purpose may be the thing it needed - hope it can help both the program and its artists.
It’s always quite exciting for me to meet new artists using krita - I’ll definately follow what happens here :slight_smile:


Your artworks are always interesting. I have tested a bit your brushes . Let me test them a bit more and i will give you more feedback

Thanks a lot. I made a separate post here about my brushpack - hope this way I can reach more krita users, also those outside Facebook group.
And I already started working on some new dynamics for future updates on the brushpack :slight_smile:

if you have crazy ideas, need help or want to share something let me know. I read your post in FB about experimenting with DigitalAtelier pack brushtips.

Ow, right - I used some brush tips from your DA with my dynamics, as well as created a texture with them to achieve slightly traditional effects.
I was wondering, how to solve the problem with my brushpacks being free for all - should I not include this one or two presets in the upcoming version? Or maybe, you would like to check, if I don’t give away too much of DA before the release?

I think this is something that Boud has to decide. Ask him and let me know the answer please. In my mind i think we need good resources and more promotion as painting software. Brushes help with that and you will publish freely so, for me there is no problem.

Also this opens a good debate, how resources can be mixed and published?

Right now, this is officially not possible… The brush preset bundles don’t have a creative commons license.

We have been discussing that, and we are going to use a CC-BY license for the DA bundle and all other resources that come with training videos, so you can just assume that that’s valid right now as well. I just haven’t had time to update the bundles in the gumroad store yet.


Thank you for the response. Let me just to clear things up, as I’m not too fluent in law terms:

In theory I couldn’t publish my brushpack with some parts of DA in it, but as it is planned to get the CC-BY licence, I can assume it already has it, which means I can do it, as long as I mention in it, that it contains some brush tips from Digital Atelier by Ramon Miranda?

And great thanks for what you’re doing by the way. Krita is just so awesome :wink: .

Yes, please go ahead. I’m the actual rights holder, so I can make that decision :slight_smile:


Ok, that’s perfect :smiley: Thanks a lot.

Love the colors here :smiley: They brought my eyes straight to that piece form all those thumbnails. Great job :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you a lot :slight_smile:
The secret to make people love the colors is to think a lot in terms of light. Once you get to know how the optics work, and how to interpret light sources, your colors really start to shine, whatever ones you want to have there :wink: