Won't verify on Mac os 10.13?

I downloaded 4.4.5 and installed it but when I try to open it it fails the verification and then the system tells me the file is corrupt and I should trash it.

Same problem with 4.3.3. Although I was able to use this version in the past on this system.

I can open 4.4.1 though. What happened?

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This sounds like a problem that has been reported before and I believe will be fixed in version 5.0.0 which is intended for release in August,

In the meantime, these topics may help you to get 4.4.5 working on macOS:

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Damaged When Downloaded

If none of those help, then you can try to download and run an older version from here (using the newest one that works):

KDE - Experience Freedom!

Also, see the note for the macOS download here: Krita 4.4.5 Released | Krita -

All those posts say is, yeah it doesn’t work for me either LOL

However halla, the video did the trick!


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