Working on a comic panel plugin. Wanted to show what it can do right now

A little video about plugin:
Code on github:
I’ve heard Krita is looking for plugins to add to plugins list. I think my plugin is far from being ready. I don’t think i qualify right now to be a part of this. I think I will make 2 more videos about the code and the story how I come to this plugin.


Sure! But please do remember to add it there (or ask someone to add it) when it’s ready, I noticed that there was quite a lot of plugins floating around that could be very well put together on the list so if someone is looking for a specific plugin, they can find it.
I’m improving the plugin list, too: (see at the end, there are sections and stuff)

The plugin itself looks useful, I wonder, why does it require Krita to be run as administrator? Also I agree it would be better as Extension (dialog) instead of a Docker.

Nice plugin. Looking forward to the completed one. Thank you for sharing it

It is because it saves file in \ProgramFiles\Krita

stringPreview = self.previewPage()
f = open(“rcpr_alpha.svg”, “w”)

Thanks to Akir for pointing it out. I will change it later to save in temp folder.

made a video about the code of the plugin

I was looking at it and I had a couple of thoughts about it.

the max limit should be bigger. Even if the sensible thing to do is 5 have more would encompass those that are not prone to follow a sensible rule for some odd reason. I would go with maybe double because you never know what people will do.

what is your thoughts on panels that collapse and are like merged together? for now it is a very regular grid. I feel like it needs some kind of variation eventually.

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Not that I’ll make a comic, but one thing straight out of looking your video is after making the grid, is making groups with masks for every panel.
I usually setup a small grid for doing thumbnail sketches, and I really hate when I have to make sure I don’t go out of the sketch panel’s borders in to another sketch. So I usually make every panel a group with either mask or a base layer to clip the other layers to.

I am thinking of this: You make a grid, then you click what borders you want to make disappear and make a page. Maybe I can use QGraphicsView, but it is hard. I still want to make a docker, i just need to put everything in QScrollArea. But making a docker implies that user will change ot size according to theirs needs. QGraphicsView doesn’t have dynamic changing of its size. I guess i have to implement it myself, but I don’t know how. I will try to google it.

I am still thinking of making a docker instead of pop-up window, because when user creates page via pop-up window they can’t choose color depth and other stuff when you usually make document in krita. My idea of workflow was: make document, then make page that will be added as a new layer.

I am making this plugin to aitomate stuff when making comics in krita. To make comics faster. I feel like docker will be faster then pop up window.

But on the other hand I don’t feel like I will actually manage to create this stuff. Maybe I’ll give up and make a lot of checkboxes for every border. Or make a pop-up window even though it doesn’t really match my intention. Who knows.