World class artists who use Krita ?

Greetings guys. Hope you’re doing well.

So, I have a few art disciplines here :

  • Concept Art ( character design, environment design, prop design, weapon design)
  • Illustration ( splash art for games and/or films, poster design, card design…)
  • Comic making ( manga, webtoon, marvel or dc style comics, some other style but that is excellent… )
  • Game Asset Creation ( pixel art, hi-res painted game assets, vector art ).

Aside from @Deevad, do you know at least 5 professional artists to follow, who use Krita and have a level matching the standards in “Big Studios” ?

Whatever their niche in accordance to the discipline mentionned above, it’s fine as long as there are at least 5 Krita artists with World Class level performance( Senior level but also excellent Junior level ).


I don’t know :man_shrugging:
But I don’t care :sweat_smile:

In all case, except maybe for movies or music, I’m not able to give a name of a world class artist :slight_smile:
So a worldwide class artist using Krita, Photoshop, SAI, CSP, Procreate or any other digital painting software, I just can’t give a name.
Maybe I can give some link to artstation for artists I like, but are they considered are world class artist? :man_shrugging:

And even for traditional painting, the only one I know are just some famous painter like Van Gogh or Monet for example (even if I don’t really like their style)
There’s might be contemporary artists but…

I’m probably not the right one to provide you an answer to this question…


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How do you even define a world class artist? By style? By popularity? Skill? And how do you compare skill? I have seen big studios throw out stuff sometimes that I would consider not much better than my and have seen artist on twitter with loads of followers but being merely on a beginner level. Does this make me a world class artist, I doubt it. You first have to define some quantifiable metrics or else everyone just says what they feel is good in their opinion.

Another thing is that most artists I know don’t boost much about what software they use so even when they are world class couldn’t know if they are Krita users.

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Why not look through the gallery here and choose your favorites to follow?
Why do they have to be “World Class”?


Are you doing an assignment, or just looking for inspiration?

Here’s a few members from this site to look at for production/illustration work:

You’ll probably need to go to external sites as some portfolios are pretty empty on here. :roll_eyes:

I think someone mentioned Piotr Jablonski in another thread as a Krita user. His work is exceptional, so it’s great if that’s true.


World class can be defined as this :
For example, you have the level of a good Junior Concept Artist or that of a Senior Concept Artist and a portfolio with dazzling art.

Example :

link to his artstation :

Except that, the artist has to be known for using Krita mostly for his professional works.
Do you know any ?

Because it’s a choice.

What is the goal of this exercise? World-class is debatable.

I have not made a list or bookmark, but I have seen awesome artists with works done with Krita. I don’t remember names right now. But I’ll name those who I remember for example - ArtStation - Ngan Pham Ngan Pham. Who uses Krita and does environment, concept art and Illustration.

Then there are @mcouto19, @Elias_Silveira, @sylviaritter to name a some present here that I remember. There are many more in the forum. There may be many more in the Interweb.

I’ll update when I remember.


Let’s not forget Soma: ArtStation - Philipp A. Urlich

You can also search on Artstation. Krita is a software recognized there, so there is no problem searching by that. I cannot give you direct links :confused: but just go to and use Add filter and find Software and then write Krita. You’ll see only pieces that the author said were made in Krita. You can find really good things there. Here there are some design for game “Blasphemus” for example: - based on their newest entries, they still use Krita for their work. There is plenty of Soma pieces since Soma makes those sketches really fast (once a day, in some cases), but there are others as well.

You can also search for artists that say they use Krita here: - the same way, just add a filter Software => Krita. Be careful though, there might be some that add every single painting app to their profile, and there are artists that use multiple programs, even use different programs for different pieces.

For example there is this guy: ArtStation - Efflam Mercier and the first painting is made in Infinite Painter (mobile app): the second is made in Clip Studio Paint: but the third one is Krita: There are also cases like this one: ArtStation - Sergey Samarskiy where the person under one of the pictures: say that they mostly use Krita now, but if you go t any of the branded images, they use Photoshop, which makes sense since the industries are still very .psd based and if you work in a team, you need to use what other people are using.