Would anyone use a runny / dripping paint effect

Originally this was in the feature request section. I moved it here for any ideas.

The effect I’m interested in is not specific to any type of brush or painting style e.g water colour. More a general request to be able to make any painted colour run as if it were of thin consistency creating unique drips.

My initial thoughts are:

  • Editable brush settings for any brush to set how ‘wet’ the brush is which affects how much colour running / dripping is applied?
  • Drips would be random in length, maybe pen pressure could denote how much the drips would run?
  • Drips would run from top to bottom visually on the screen regardless of canvas rotation. Same as the real world, because of gravity :wink:

With this effect in mind could you use some sort of move tool to make a blown onto move the paint effect? As if you blew through a straw to move paint around.
Probably a different conversation though.