XP Pen Innovator 16 Express Keys

Type of device* : Display Pen Tablet
Brand and version of the device: XP-Pen Innovator 16
System** : Windows 10 64-bit

I have just updated my version of Krita to 4.4.2 and seem to have lost function of the express keys on my tablet. Previously I had been using 4.2.5 and had no issues related to the hardware (Updated because of another problem)

I know that the Innovator 16 is not on the list of compatible tablets at all, but it was fully functioning before. I have reset the install location for the program-based express key selector. Changing the express keys for “Other” does nothing. When in Krita it only uses the default settings for the buttons.

Is anyone else successfully using the innovator 16 with custom express keys on Krita version 4.4.2?
Is there a known workaround?

Does the setup/config utilty for the tablet have the ability to create separate ‘profiles’ for different applications? Many tablet utilities do.
If so, create a separate profile for krita and make the changes in that.

If you’d already done that, delete the krita profile and make a new one then make changes/adjustments in there.

The list of compatible tablets is a list of those that have been tried and used and known to work. This comes from developers using the tablets or reports from users who have the tablets. It’s not a list of ‘approved’ tablets.
If the XP-Pen Innovator 16 behaves as graphics tablets are generally expected to behave then it should work.

The driver for the tablet does have program profiles. At first it looked as if the executable path was updated in the profile, but was still not recognizing it. I completely deleted anything related to Krita in the Profiler and some old Krita version folders. Remade the profile and now it works! Thank you for the response!

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