I’ve had this one unfinished for a while, and in the last couple of days I went in and fixed it :slight_smile:
It is now my artstation background


I like them both. Kind of like “finished” and “spontaneous”.

I like the both versions :slight_smile:

But… there’s something, I’m wondering what it is…


thanks! yep I always fill like I lose something when I’m cleaning out a piece

ufo caterpillar :smiley:
Actually I made these marks there cause I probably liked these colors and wanted to color pick them later on

ahah I do the same
so it’s something you forgot to remove? :sweat_smile:


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100% forgot about it :smiley:

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It’s not too late to remove it and update the 1st post :wink:


I dont really mind it, that second image is a wip any way. Top one is the finished thing :smiley: