Zoom on a bee

This is one I made some time ago (GIMP was used for the curved lettering).
As you can see, I do ‘technical’ things and I really learned a lot doing this one.
(The photo was taken by me a long time ago when I went through a phase of stalking bees. They don’t mind as long as you move slowly.)


Pretty smooth blur animation. Did you blur is frame by frame? Did you also zoom frame by frame?

Each frame of the animated photo is made by performing one Scale-Transform operation followed by one Blur-Filter operation on a copy of the original unzoomed frame-0 content. This minimises the number of operations on the original and so reduces any possible build up of distortion and noise. (I did all the scale operations first followed by the blur operations on a copy of the scaled layer to give me an easy way of making changes to the blur values if needed.)
Similarly, each frame of the Zoom and Focus rings is made by performing one Rotation-Transform on a copy of the original unrotated frames. This is essential for rotation because it introduces smearing and also a small x-y offset. This builds up if you do many small repeated rotations on the same image until it becomes very obvious.
You can’t hold all that in your head so I made a storyboard/plan using printed screenshots of the Timeline docker to make pencilled notes for the rotation, scale and blur values for each frame.
I recommend that you try something like this, just once :slight_smile:

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Quiet meticulous. How many frames are in this?

I eventually became meticulous after making mistakes with all the different things I mentioned in my previous post. I really did learn a lot making this.
There are 164 frames at 15 fps. I prefer 15 fps, if it’s suitable, because there’s less work to do than for higher frame rates.