4.3 Beta 1 : Certain Keyboard shortcuts not working

While working in Krita 4.3, certain keyboard shortcuts are not working at all, at least by default. They are holding the space bar to pan, and control space to zoom.

I’m running the Krita Plus nightly build, on Windows 10. I thought the issue was with my tablet (a Huion Kamvas Pro 22 with buttons), but the issue happens directly from the keyboard too.

When I switch back to Krita 4.2.9, I don’t have this issue.

I’ve continued working with Krita 4.3. The issue appears to be that with the CTRL key combination for zooming (CTRL space), the CTRL key is getting “stuck” somehow, and then it’s all about poking and prodding to get it “unstuck”. It’s not stuck at the Windows level, however. Just in the application.