4.3 Beta 1 : Certain Keyboard shortcuts not working

While working in Krita 4.3, certain keyboard shortcuts are not working at all, at least by default. They are holding the space bar to pan, and control space to zoom.

I’m running the Krita Plus nightly build, on Windows 10. I thought the issue was with my tablet (a Huion Kamvas Pro 22 with buttons), but the issue happens directly from the keyboard too.

When I switch back to Krita 4.2.9, I don’t have this issue.

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I’ve continued working with Krita 4.3. The issue appears to be that with the CTRL key combination for zooming (CTRL space), the CTRL key is getting “stuck” somehow, and then it’s all about poking and prodding to get it “unstuck”. It’s not stuck at the Windows level, however. Just in the application.

I Have the same problem, and i dont klnow how to stop it. When im working on a drawing i cant switch app or these shortcuts will vanish (Pan, Zoom, Rotate) The Mouse Wheel isnt working too.

When open the Krita again, I can work as intended, shortcuts and mouse. Is There a workaround? I cant draw and not open other apps to create 3D and even change music.

Hope there is a fix for that. thank you.

Welcome to the forum. There is a new release of krita this was a thread for beta. Do you have the problem with the new release too?

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Hello, I was looking where I downloaded it and after a test was on the main page, the first link, the file is “krita-x64-4.3.0-setup.exe” If this bug was resolved I don’t know what causes that.

I Just clicked on “Download now” For release date 18 june 2020.

Hello,I found a way to solve it: double-click the Tab, then they can work normally, this is the only way I found. I also encountered the same problem in version 4.4 and it was solved in this way too.

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THANK YOU perfect solution