A list of commonly asked questions ❓

This is a list of commonly asked question on this forum. We will try to curate this list and update it from time to time. It might help you in case the question you are going to ask in this forum is already answered. There is a much larger FAQ for the krita project here - Krita FAQ — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation
Also it would be advisable if you search your question with a keyword on the Krita manual first. The documentation is hosted here - https://docs.krita.org

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Which tablets does Krita support?

Krita doesn’t have any special code to support any tablet. It depends on the operating system to provide a way to interact with the tablet. So if the tablet is supported on your system there is a high chance that it is supported in Krita too. Nevertheless our community is building a curated list of tablets which are known to work with Krita. Check the list here.

I am new to Krita, how to get started?

If you are new to Krita then the best thing to do is check the introduction course. If you are switching to Krita from some other software then it is better to check this manual page to know more the nuances of krita here . We also have a YouTube channel where we share all kinds of tips and tricks and information about krita. It is better to subscribe to it here.

How to use clipping mask feature in krita?

In Krita a feature similar to clipping mask is present and it is called “inherrit Alpha”. You can toggle it by clicking on the “α” alpha symbol shown besides the layer name in the layer docker. However one thing to note is that this feature behaves differently in Krita, unlike other applications it clips to all layers below and that includes the background layer, hence you will need to put both the base layer and the layer that is going to be clipped inside a group. You can read more about it here.

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