A lot these "how to create art" topics possibly by bots?

So I wondered if a lot of these “how do I make art” and similar posts are actually created by misguided bots. It’s always the same few one scentense questions, often posted all over the place. They never reply back or just again with the same phrases again and sometimes create nonsense topics with scrambled letters (sometimes even in the actual post).

And even if they are bots, can we do something about it? I mean it’s not overwhelmingly bad, as far as I can tell, but it wastes the time of anyone genuinely wanting to help.

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For now report them by flagging and I’ll delete them. If they becomes too much I’ll see if I can have the words in the blacklists

Well there were some legitimate topics in the past with similar wording, often by people who are obviously not good with English, so I’m not sure if that would help. That’s what frustrates me even more I guess, I don’t want to report a genuine user by accident.

It’s just when I read the subject line of a topic and it’s one of “these” it already makes my blood boil.
I’m sorry this topic is a bit for venting, that’s why I put it in #lounge not in #site-feedback x3.

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However instead, of blacklisting the phrases we could have Kikibot answer these generic one liners instead. If it’s a real user with further questions they will reply and other people can then continue. If it’s not nobody’s time was wasted.

I need to find a way to invoke kiki bot on those phrases.

I wondered that too - especially as they often have similar looking user images.

What’s the purpose though? Is it to generate a trusted account over time so they can post links unhindered? :man_shrugging:

Or seemingly randomly generated usernames.

Wondered about that too.

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Like this one? The OP from this topic really seems like a bot that belongs to a person trying to train their Ai algorithm by making a bunch of nonsensical responses. It didn’t care about the type of responses it got to it’s question, just that it constantly got fed more responses so it will have more data to train it’s Ai.


True but this one is especially hard to follow because posts got moved and topics merged because the user asked the same questions in other people’s unrelated topics.

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This is Google Translate.

Maybe it’s just a weird living person (he posted :herb: :safety_pin:, which seems to be some kind of slang in the Chinese network environment.)

I can understand your mood.
I have met some people like this in the Chinese community.

They will ask a lot of questions, and answering them will have no effect except a waste of time.

I tried to answer in detail, but they still said they couldn’t understand it.
They may even think that I am malicious and do not want to help them.

I feel helpless about this.

In the end I chose to ignore them.
This way I can spend time to other people in need.


There is also one thing to consider. Kids are dumb…
Let alone unsupervised on the internet.


I noticed this too. I had the feeling that there where more in the last months. I sometimes wonder, If the very negative posts had been written by a competitor company.