a pretty angel (with time-lapse video)

I got a lot more comfortable using Krita over the past weeks and I finally made a video



i love your paintings, thanks for sharing the process :wink:


thank you very much!

Love it! And what a cool idea to start your drawing with a paper texture! Never thought of that!


It’s really cool to see you trying out Krita. At first I was like “oh that person paints a bit like that guy on Youtube, but it also look very different, huh” and now I see that you really do paint a bit like yourself but also different :smiley:

Would be cool to hear your thoughts about Krita, since you’re a very experienced artist (just judging from skill :smiley: ) and you just recently started to use Krita, right? It might be quite interesting to see your perspective.

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it doesn’t add much to the painting, but for me it is more pleasant to look at than a sterile solid colour background

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I was getting a bit tired of my usual workflow, so I want to gradually add some new stuff to it.
I’m still getting familiar with Krita, so my perspective isn’t very relevant at this point :slight_smile:
so far, I’m able to do all the things I usually do in Photoshop / Painter, there seem to be more options for almost everything, performance is good, no crashes, no lost progress. I’m very much enjoying working with Krita (I barely used the other programs since I got it) and it feels somehow more natural for me. there’s still a lot to learn


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Interesting, thank you for sharing the process. It’s never occurred to me to flip the draw layer back and forth as I go. I also like the palette layer for reusing colours. That would let me close the picker & get some more screen real estate.

How do you make the recording?

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it’s very helpful to flip it sometimes. you can see it with fresh eyes and spot mistakes (or if you got a brush that goes in a specific direction)

video was recorded with OBS and edited in Blender

OMG I saw the pic and I was like, that looks like Peter Pohlach… then I clicked on the pic and I was like OMG, IT’S PETER POHLACH!!!


Very good job :wink:

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Awesome! :heart_eyes:

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I immediately recognized you when I saw the thumbnail. So glad to see you here! This is so beautiful :smiley:

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