Aaron Blaise using Krita for the first time


that’s really awesome!


At one point (I forget where but it was early on) when he was planning/developing the shadow and highlight layers, he wondered aloud about making a ‘clipping mask’ but immediately decided not to bother.
I wonder what his reaction would have been to alpha inheritance? It would be interesting to see if he tries/discovers that in any further videos.

It was interesting and a pleasure to see an experienced artist just pick it up and run with it :slight_smile:

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During the whole video I was anxious because he had not saved the file till the end :smiley:


That’s because he was thrilled and delighted to be using it for the first time and became ‘lost in the moment’ :slight_smile:

I remember him sound very puzzled when asked if he ever tried out krita around ~2017-2019…

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It’s been mentioned already :slight_smile:
Aaron Blaise using Krita for the first time

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I moved the discussion in one thread :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir !!

That was awesome! Very glad that he did that. I hope he did save his work though!

Lool i also got a bit anxious seeing that not saved. Good thing krita is stable and solid as a rock even the nightly builds

These days i am way more worried about CSP crashing on me than krita.

It’s quite interesting how he was able to grasp krita right away, like not completely but enough to work to jump right at work.

Though i am also curious about his reaction to alpha inheritance.


Wow, I was feeling so proud for the Krita devs and volunteers every time he said “love it.”


I just ran across this… Wonderful stuff!

Will Aaron Blaise switch to Krita? The question.

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You have to ask him and not us. But I would be curious about the answer!


Sounded like he might. :+1:t2:


Wow, that is crazy good. Thanks for sharing this, @mako.