Ability to move a selection with the arrow keys in the Transform Tool

I love using the Transform Tool, since it can do a lot! I seldom use the Move Tool, other than the times I need to move something pixel by pixel/unit by unit using the arrow keys. To my understanding, the arrow keys do nothing when in the Transform Tool.
I would love it if I could move things with the Transform Tool using the arrow keys like I can in the Move Tool!

When I started using Krita I expected the Transform Tool to be able to use the arrow keys to move things. Since it didn’t, I thought Krita didn’t have this feature.
Until a while ago when I looked further into the Move Tool. It took me half a year to realize that Krita had this feature, and I was surprised as to how hidden it was for someone mostly using the Transform Tool.

What I want:
I know that both tools have their strengths and have different use cases, but I often find it inefficient to switch between the two Tools for the feature I have mentioned, instead of just using the Transform tool that has all the things I want.
I want to use the arrow keys with the Transform Tool to move the selection, just like the Move Tool can. This way, I can use the Transform tool for all my needs, instead of swapping tools back and forth just to move my selection a set amount of pixels.

I want both the Move Tool and the Transform Tool to have this in the Tool Options, and be able to use it with the Transform Tool:

How I want to use it:
I want to be able to select something, scale it, move it and then nudge it pixel by pixel/unit by unit with the arrow keys to get the exact position I want. All from the same tool; the Transform Tool. This slight inefficiency is one of the few things that keeps me from doing design work in Krita. I hope this feature will be considered! Thank you for reading! :blush:


As a workaround you can choose the Position tab and use mouse scroll to precisely move while in transform tool.


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I’m currently purposely only using Krita for everything drawing/painting related and write everything down I notice or would suggest to adapt or make better. This one is a pretty simple thing that is also on the list that would make using Krita easier, faster and better. All about efficiency, getting more done with less clicks and more/easier control:)

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I’m not sure if this is generally known but I’ve just noticed that if I press and hold Ctrl while scrolling in the Transform position or Move position boxes, then it changes in increments of 10 instead of 1.

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I think this is true for all input boxes, the color input boxes do the same. I think we should include this in the manual. good find

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Yes, feature of Photoshop I frequently miss too.

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Someone just implemented this in Krita. Kudos to the devs :slight_smile:


Amazing! Such happy news!
The master branch crashes for me right now, but I am excited to test it out later! :grin: Thank you to the devs! :blush:

Hello, I just implemented this feature and I’d like to know if you think that the option to change the increment is needed or not. As of now there is a hardcoded step size of 1/10px and I don’t know if the option to change it (like the Move tool) is worth the visual clutter or not.

Thank you so much wbrbr! I have wanted this feature in Krita since I started using it! The news that this got implemented made my day! I can’t thank you enough! :grin:

That is a good question!

It’s rare that I need to change the increment from 1 pixel so I don’t know if it’s worth having there myself. It might be more easily accessible if it was, so I might use the increment changing feature more than I do now! And I think having it in the Tool Options for Transform Tool would make it more discoverable.

My personal preference would be to have it similar to this:

If the Tool Options for the Transform Tool included the options that the Move Tool has, the «Unit» and «Multiplier», I think it might get too cluttered. But it might be nice to have it change by only pixels, and it not taking too much space in the Tool Options! If people need the more advanced «Unit» or «Multiplier», I think it makes sense to switch to another tool

@Rakurri @wbrbr Just one would be fine I guess, just make sure Shift does increase the speed, that would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

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