Accidentally deleted brushes

So, I’m struggling a lot with getting my bearings. Earlier I had searched for paint tool sai brushes and tried to match some of my brushes to that, found I didn’t like them, and deleted them.

Well, apparently I had deleted more than I thought because almost every one of my brushes and my presets are gone, my tags are gone, and I feel everything I attempt just makes even more of a mess. I’m worried I won’t be able to use any of the brushes I’ve accidentally deleted ever again. And I even went to “open resources” and deleted the blacklist files as I’ve seen others suggest, and it changed nothing.

Basic question first - Are your tags completely gone?

Can you choose any of your custom tags by clicking on the drop-down menu button, like in this screenshot where the button says Digital?
And if you set it to All again, are there any of the brush presets you thought you lost?

Seeing that you found your resource folder already, if you open it again there should be a folder called paintoppresets in it that contains your brush presets.
Do you recognize any of the files in there as the brush presets you made? If you are on Windows, I think you only have the filename to go by, while on Linux or macOS the file manager can show the same preview image that Krita uses for each brush preset (because the file is recognized as a PNG).
Even custom brush presets that you deleted in Krita should still exist in this folder until you use the Delete Backup Files button under Settings > Manage Resources, or delete those files yourself.

I was mistaken when I said “tags,” I’m new to Krita and wasn’t sure if the button below “button presets” were actually the presets, or if they were tags. When I click on that, it only shows “all”, but a good portion of my brushes - the ones the program comes with - are gone. As for tags, I haven’t used those yet.

I do see this, but it looks like it’s only half of the brushes that still remain within the program.

I do have a windows computer, and I think I deleted the contents of a couple folders, but I also restored the files via recycle bin

Only presets that you made from scratch or overwrote appear in your resource folder, the default ones are stored in Krita’s installation folder.
Hmm, if you check Settings > Manage Resources, does the Krita_4_Default_Resources bundle appear in the Active Bundles list on the left?

Yes, I’m able to see the resources for Krita 4.

Okay, then let’s try to unroll what you did.

Are you sure you explicitly saved your custom brush presets? Did you use the Overwrite Brush or Save New Brush Preset options in the brush settings menu?
Did you click the little trash can icon in the brush settings menu to delete the presets?
When and in what circumstance did you notice that other presets were missing?

What blacklist files did you delete in the resource folder and are they still gone? Also did you close and restart Krita at any point?
The file stating which brush presets to exclude is called kis_paintoppresets.blacklist in particular, and Krita only checks it upon restart.

Well if what you said about presets is true, then maybe I’m mistaken. But when I started up Krita, I was able to click on the button below, and it would list things such as “Ink”, “Painting”, and “Sketch”.

I did do this, as I believe it’s the only way to delete brushes in. And I started to notice brushes were missing because I noticed Krita’s starting brushes have letters in front of the brush name if you have the view set to “details”.

I had deleted all of the backlist files, because I didn’t know which ones might have the brushes that I didn’t want to delete in the first place. I did restart Krita many times to be sure it would show me the correct brushes, resources, etc. I have also noticed “.old” and “.tmp” bundle files along with the original bundles I started with, and keep deleting those, but they keep reappearing in my bundle folder whenever I start up Krita.

:frowning: Next time before trying to make a surgical operation on a folder, backup the folder first :wink: Now it’s difficult to say if you deleted one thing too many and what it was…

I hope in the new resource system there will be a way to delete and undelete stuff from the GUI… probably less error-prone.

In a situation like this I’d delete the entire -/krita resouces folder and start again and probably the configuration files too.

Having started again, I’d make a regular backup of the entire resources folder (as I normally do) and call it krita-good-(date), when I was convinced that it was ‘good’, so that I could restore it in case of confusing mistakes and foul-ups (of which I’ve made many).
It’s also a good idea to make a kritaconfigs-good-(date) backup folder containing a copy of all the configuration files, in case something goes wrong in that area.

Doing file/folder surgery is a bit like doing surgery on yourself. You won’t hurt anybody else but you really need to know and understand what you’re doing.

Yeah… That was a giant mistake on my part. In general if I screw up on a program, I’ll just uninstall and reinstall, and normally that should fix it.

Which isn’t the case with Krita unfortunately. It really was an issue of playing surgeon on the folders instead of just asking for advice outright.

Would deleting the entire resource folder cause the regular 4.3 resource to emerge? And what folder are the configuration files in?

Yeah, this whole situation is just telling me I really need to backup my files. I don’t have many situations where I’m in need of backup, but this hassle I brought onto myself isn’t worth it.

Also for clarification before I screw anything else up, by “resources” you mean the entirety of the Krita folder, right?

When the application starts, it checks for a /krita resources folder and if it can’t find one then it creates a shiny new default one, just like you remember when you first started using it.
So, if you mess up, you can Quit, replace the messed up resources folder with an old good backup copy (assuming you’ve previously made one) and then restart, like going back in time.

If that means going back in time by three weeks then that’s three weeks of brush preset creation and fiddling you’ve lost. So that’s why you make regular and frequent backup copies.

The configuration files are found in C:\Users\ {username} \AppData\Local
and are called krita{something}. The main one is kritarc and has just about everything in it for the look/feel/behaviour so you’d have lots of setup work to do if it went bad and you had to delete it and start again.
Again, when you start the application, it looks for kritarc and will make a shiny new one if it can’t find it. Hence you can use known good backup copies to go back in time.

Just rename the folder to “krita_backup” now, Krita will recreate it on next run. You can also try to reset the configuration: - doing both should restore all default brushes. Then you can move all your custom ones that you can get from the backed up folder to the new one.

I wasn’t able to find the files by going through that directory, and searching through my files did no good. Neither did the Krita FAQ. I would press Shift + Ctrl + Alt as it suggested, which basically did nothing. It may be because I have the Steam version, and on a Windows laptop.

However, I did erase all of the Krita files, uninstalled Krita via Steam, and reinstall it, and it seems to have restored the initial bundle along with keeping some of my general settings.