Advanced color selector on the cell phone and canvas on the monitor tablet screen

krita proyecto pintura

I have an idea that may attract more old school painters and also be useful to everyone who uses a monitor tablet.

the color picker is always far away. It would be good to have it on the cell phone. as well as the old-painters with the color palette in one hand and the brush in the other.

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wouldn’t that require an active communication line between the smartphone and the PC with very little dela, an app that runs on phone that will send the data to pc and something that will translate whatever info was and pass it to krita pc [Since tablet pens doesn’t hold any memory].

:sweat_smile: I feel thats quite a task.


Also, the color representation on the extra screen must match the screen display. Nice idea, but feasible? Very difficult if it is to deliver satisfactory results.



I doubt the usefulness of this. The distance to my other hand is just as far and the other hand is always on the keyboard to make use of shortcuts or I hold a remote there. Additionally to make it work like in the animation you need a special pen that works on the tablet and on the phone.

It could be a fun play thing.

If you could use it like a Wacom Remote too (so, not only for picking colors), then it could be useful.

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Have you tried the quick color picker? The phone would unfortunately never render the colours the same as the monitor. Also, you’d have to take your hand off the keyboard, pick up the phone, bring it up, change the colour, put the phone away again…. A bit cumbersome, no?

@Michelist has a good point too. My phone’s display colors are basically shit. You would need to match the phones color profile to that of the monitor/screen tablet. I don’t even know if it’s possible to calibrate phone screens.

Probably have to unlock the phone every time, too.


A Krita python plug-in could run a simple web-server the phone could connect to over the local network. Still, it has some other implications, like user permissions.

I actually could think of a few useful scenarios, like loading photos directly into Krita or accessing shortcuts but not the color selector.


oh yeah, matching my 3 monitors is already pain.
and my main tablet had alot more saturation [and its color gamut is wider than the other two] compare to my phone, and my phone is closer to what people will probably see the artwork.

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oh those usecase i have not thought off.

but yeah the color selector gonna be tricky for a number of reason beyond the logistic of sending the info from phone to pc.

mmm maybe some kind of remote desktop in the cell phone and just zoom to the color picker. One would choose with the finged … I don’t know. it was just an idea … hehe

that was my first animation in krita.
I use arflow on the cell phone and krita on the pc.
thanks for your answers they clarified many things for me.
krita proyecto pintura 2

Yup. You would need probably unlock your phone from hibernation every time to choose a colour and then have the displeasure of not getting the colour you want because it was in 2 different displays making calibration of both essential even before you start.

My phone doesn’t respond to wacom pens. I don’t want to use my thick fingers to choose a color on a phone with a small screen

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