Aerith - Final Fantasy VII fan-art

A fan-art illustration portrait of Aerith Gainsborough, a playable character in Final Fantasy VII. She is one of the lead protagonists and I really enjoyed finishing the remake recently.

I made it during a short break in the production of episode 36, in order to test the new impasto ‘wet RGB brushes’ bundle for Krita 5.0beta. I love them and adopted three textured presets to complete this piece.


You great artist i love all your art work!!

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i agree they are a great artist

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Amazing work!

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You have a video tutorial for that?

I didn’t record this one, but I saved steps :

Main steps:

  1. Sketch with a large brush.
  2. Over the sketch in low opacity, do a more precise line drawing.
  3. Under the line, feed the canvas with tones (I use here rounded brushes).
  4. Flatten all, and paint over with brushes as you would do for a oil painting.

I hope it will help!


Nice! You perfectly gave her your own touch and style. I love it :slight_smile:


Trop stylé, et puré les highlights sont magnifiques

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I didn’t even see your name only the picture and your style was instantly recognizable! :slight_smile:

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So amazing! Love your art!

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Oh my so cute! Great work, makes me want to draw Aerith too :smiley:

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