Allow multiple tools to bind with same key?

It would be great if I could assign multiple tool with the same shortcut key. It is possible in Clip Studio Paint and I found it very useful.
For example if I assign a key ‘S’ for Lasso Selection AND Polygon Selection. When I press S it will activate Lasso Selection tool. If I press again it will toggle to the next one, the Polygon Selection. Press again it will toggle (loop back to the 1st) to Lasso Selection.

This design is actually very useful. In CSP, beside Selection type. I generally would setup keys to toggle between common line art pens, soft / hard airbrush and texture brushes. It help make each key binding more useful and make tool selection quick.

By the way, is it no possible to set a key to select a certain pen in Krita? I could not find it from the setting.


That stepping through many assigned functions sounds like a good option and you may get developer fedback on that.

It is possible to map a keyboard key shortcut to select a brush preset but this can only be done using the Ten Brushes plugin, which should be enabled by default.

Do Tools -> Scripts -> Ten Brushes and you’ll get a window where you can allocate/map any brush preset to the key combinations Ctrl+Alt+{0,1,2,…9}

In Settings -> Configure Krita -> Keyboard Shortcuts, you can search for ‘Ctrl+Alt+’ and you’ll see them all and can change them or give them alternates.

If a keyboard key (combination) you want to use is already in use and you feel that you wouldn’t need to use it for its existing purpose, you can knock it out by giving that function a Custom shortcut of None, so you can reuse that key for your own purpose.

Have a look in Settings -> Configure Krita -> Canvas Input Settings and you’ll see that some keys are used there and must not be used as keyboard shortcuts. e.g. 4,5,6 are used for canvas rotation and = is used for zoom-in.

Just found the ten brushes setting.

Really big +1 because I was about to raise a whole thread to say the same thing coming from paint dot net where you press S to cycle through 4 different selection tools. Absolutely useful.

It also exposed the inflexibility of the keyboard shortcut system right now.

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You could easily code such a shortcut in Python. Create an Action, assign it a shortcut and then when toggled go through a list of tool activation actions. I’m not sure whether we should build this in Krita by default; this is the first time since 2003 I’ve seen someone ask for it, actually.

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If it can be publicly shared in plugins, that would be fine by me. Then we don’t have to think about supporting cycling commands on keypress, unless there are other clear-cut use cases.