Allow to use the fast color picker with the basics selection tools active.

Hello, I would like to raise the possibility that the fast picker color (the one used with ctrl) could be used while the outline selection tool (or the others geometric selection tools) is selected (for example, changing the quick access for change select mode with line which is what it calls now for something like ctrl + alt or something like that, I don’t know), I am developing a video game, I draw many stones with hard edges and I think that for uses of this type the process would speed up a lot if I did not have to change the tool to be able to select another color of the canvas ( i fill with shortcut). I have not seen this possibility in any other program, but in krita the shortcuts can be changed easily, so I think it would be a feature that is not very complicated to implement and that would help a lot in jobs where the outline selection tool used a lot. Thank you so much for your attention.

This is a feature that sounds very specific to your workflow. I wonder if maybe a Python plugin wouldn’t be better for that purpose - but then not a ctrl-like shortcut (a modifier) would be possible but a standard shortcut. Not sure how to implement it, either…

I understand, as it was only to be able to switch from a tool to the color picker, as is already done from the brush or paint bucket tool, I assumed from my ignorance that it was something simple. It is not something essential for me, I really only use it for stones, but the idea seemed good to me since being able to pick up the color of the canvas quickly from any tool that is used to paint seemed practical. Thank you very much for your answer, greetings.

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The Ctrl colour picker already does that. You want to be able to use it to pick a colour when you’re using one of the selection tools, which are not painting tools.
I can understand why you’d want that and it would be useful to anyone who makes selections and wants to quickly fill them with a picked colour.

The Ctrl colour picker isn’t a shortcut or a modifier, it’s one of the Canvas Input Settings (Alternate Invocation group) and these are only active when the cursor is on the canvas.
The Ctrl picker is only available when a painting tool is used and I can understand why that decision was made.
However, I can’t think of a reason why it shouldn’t be available when the selection tools are being used as well.

Thank you very much for the explanation, I suppose it is a design idea that all paint programs share, because as far as I remember none (and I think I have tried all) allows it. It is something curious because there are many people (I would almost say that especially professionals) who, more than just another painting tool, use it as the main one. I’m more of a brush :sweat_smile: so it doesn’t affect me much anyway. It was just an idea for trying to contribute something. Thank you very much again and regards.

Maybe you could try the “shapes fill” brush that acts like making a free hand selection and filling it.

Yes, I remembered that brush one hour ago :upside_down_face: and it is a perfect alternative, thank you very much for the advice.

Either you can use that or you can directly fill color with the shape tools similar to the selection tool. For example if you use polygon selection tool there is a corresponding polygonal tool. IN the tool of the shape tools you have a drop down to fill. choose foreground color and when you complete the shape it will fill it with whatever color you have active in the foreground


Thank you very much, I already knew about these options, I have been using Krita for almost 7 years, I am already starting to get gray hair :older_man:. I was actually commenting on it because it seemed logical to me from my point of view (I like to use the least possible tools, if not, I get dizzy XD) and because I thought it was a simple change to implement. You are right that there are tools that do similar things, you just have to be willing to use them. I prefer efforts on more important things like fixing the gradient map (by God someone fix that :sweat:). Thanks again and regards.