An illustrator for the book is needed

Hello dear artists.

My team and I are searching for an illustrator for our Discipline Guide.

The Guide is A3 size. We will need approximately 15 illustrations in total (1 for the front page, 1 for the back page, the intro, single illustration for each of the 12 chapters).
The illustration is expected to be simple, clear, black on white with no additional coloring. The appearance of illustration is the figure of a human without gender or race, doing different things or expressing different emotions.

We are looking for an artist with a good sense of humor, to bring fun and joy to the guide with his artwork. The start of the task is ASAP and illustrations are about to be finished by the end of November. The price for the work is negotiable.

If you feel like this might be an interesting offer for you as an artist, reply to this announcement, or send an email with your portfolio to

Thank you for your attention and have a lovely day!

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Thanks for posting the opportunity here. Is this a paid project? I am just confirming because there have been cases where people posted volunteer work here by mistake. Also If you find a suitable person please update this post so that people are updated about the job status.


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Might I ask what the “discipline guide”, is about? What are the themes it deals with? Whom this guide is referred to? How the illustrations should look to blend well enough with the guide’s themes?

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