Android app 4.3: "The chosen file's location cound not be found. Does it exist?"


When I try to open a file in the Android application, it displays an alert box with the message “The chosen file’s location cound not be found. Does it exist?” and an OK button, and does not load the file. This happens for various files (.kra from a 2.9 Linux Krita, PNG images) and for any location (internal or SD card).

For a single open attempt, there may be as many as four such dialogs in sequence.

In fact, I could only open one file, and then after that, only reopen it through its “recent file” link.

I’ve had the same thing happen, but I think I found a workaround. Click the menu button > File > Open [with Android’s native file explorer], open the hamburger menu on the left, and click “[Your Device Name] [Available Free Space]”.

For some reason, choosing from any other areas (like the Downloads/Recent shortcuts on the hamburger menu) increases the likelihood that your file will not open.

Thanks for the suggestion.

However, in my case it does not seem to work at all, whatever the path I choose to access the file(s), including the one you suggested (as well as downloads, documents, or any location on the external SD).

BTW, even though it was not the purpose of your suggestion, I also checked that my device was not running low on internal free space (it’s got over 10GB free).

I am aware of this and has been fixed in krita/4.2.

This is weird. I only thought opening files from “Downloads” in the left-side bar caused this. Because sometimes, Android wouldn’t resolve those URIs and Krita would work without an “actual URI”. Hence the error.

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Thanks for the explanations.

So… How do I go about getting rid of this?

Should i build my own Krita APK? If so, I assume I should use but which branch should I checkout? krita/4.2, as it has this fix? krita/4.3 as it is the most recent one? master, the bleeding edge?

Or is there a place where I can get nightly APKs?

You can build krita/4.2, all our changes for Android are in it, currently.

Or wait, till I start building and upload a new version of the APKs tonight :slight_smile:

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Great! Is there a topic I should watch to make sure I don’t miss future builds?

For now, I am going to post it on this thread:

Hopefully our next release will be on Play Store and F-Droid :slight_smile: