Android krita 4.4.5 - Dialog window cut off

I was importing a few brushes and used the import Brush, Pattern, and Presets option. However, the bottom of the dialog was cut off.

(Samsung S7 tablet running Android 11… Krita4.4.5)
@sh-zam ?

Does entering full screen mode give you enough pixels for the buttons? Or try disable “Enable Hi-DPI support” in Settings under General → Window.

I’ve done the enable hi-dpi but the text for the tools and some dialogs get too tiny. Not so good. Can’t read such tiny fonts anymore.
Thanks anyway.

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Thanks for pinging.

I’m afraid, there currently isn’t a solution which would resize widgets based on how it fits in the screen. What you could do is as a hack is use Dex or tweak “Minimum width” in Samsung’s developer options.

PS: Although a bit crude, but you can also rotate your tablet to press the button

Thank you for your answer.
I did try the rotate method but some dialog buttons were still off screen.

I have been wondering if there was a code that could start from the devices screen size (“get screen size”) and calculate how much screen Real Estate was available for display in order to use that. But I guess that would get too complex.

P.S. I’ll try out that full screen mode but how do you get out of that in order to get to the menu again?

It won’t be hard to write code for this to work (something like this exists for Main window). The issue with this I think, would be that it would cram widget in an unusable manner. I’ll have to test this to see if this is indeed the case or not.

Press the back button/gesture on Android (on Samsung swiping up from bottom-right). There’s also a button in bottom left of the screen to quickly switch in and out.

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Thanks! I’ll try that out.

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