Animation and tools


I’m still working on animation to test current functionalities, and I was wondering about how to do some actions.

Maybe it’s not possible, I don’t know, but in doubt, I prefer to ask, maybe someone has a solution.

  1. Is it possible to create keyframes on transform layers?
    Like I do with non animated drawings, I tried to use group layers and transform layers.
    But it seems it’s not possible de create keyframe for this kind of layers.
    Is it a bug, an un-existing functionality, or just me that have missed something?

  2. Not possible to transform (or move) content of multiples frames at once
    First step in my animation is to create a fast draft animation, to ensure that timing, positions and expressions are correct. I redraw each frame after on it with final and expected rendered style.
    But, to be faster in this process, I have 24-48 frames I re-use frequently with small modifications (particulary for a character moving)
    I can select all frames for which I’m interested for in the layer, and do a copy/past. But pasted frames are placed at the same position than original frames content (that’s normal).
    I want to move (move tool) all the frame content to the new place, but currently I have to move frames content one by one.
    Is there a possibility to select N frames and move (made a translation of X,Y pixels) for all selected frame in one operation?

  3. I’m looking for a viewport or something like this
    My animation will be rendered in FullHD (1920x1080) but background is currently a 3840x5760 image that I scroll in X,Y axis.
    I want to see all the background image to have an overview of where I am, but:
    – rather than moving the background, I think it will be easier to move/rotate the viewport
    – when I render the animation, I currently have to crop animation to viewport before making the rendering
    There is something like this, somewhere?



No. But we’d want to. Last year it nearly worked, but then changes to transform mask made it impossible again :frowning:

Ad 2. is only possible with a workaround using transform mask. Move frames to another layer, add transform mask, merge. If it loses frames, please do complain to me since it’s the main workaround and it must be working correctly.

It would be good to have transform tool and move tool work on all selected frames.

Ad 3. There is nothing like this yet :frowning:

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Hi @tiar

  1. Thanks for explanation about keyframes on transform layers
    I’ll continue without it, using my current workaround (that is not satisfaying but ok, no choice :slight_smile: )

  2. Concerning the workaround, it works.
    Or it practically works.
    Once the merge is done, there’s strange artifacts results
    – Before flatten layer

    – After flatten layer

    — Unexpected artifacts on frame(s)
    — Unexpected frame created (with unexpected content…)
    (if you want to take a look on kra file, before layer is flattened: anim_flatten_layer.kra)

  3. Ok, that’s the less important for me, I’ll continue to do like now (a layer that represent the view port, and save a temporary .kra file on which I apply crop to my virtual viewport before exporting)


Can you please report issue 2.?

For a ‘viewport’ to define the final area, you can draw a thin outline rectangle on a layer (maybe have it low opacity so it’s not intrusive) and then select that layer and do Image - Trim to Current Layer.
Ideally you’d do that on a copy of the .kra file but you can Undo it.

I have a wishlist bug in for a ‘Resize to Current Layer’ operation which would be even more useful, i think :slight_smile:


Bug created


My current workaround is to create a layer, fill it with a blue color.

Then, I’ve made a selection that match to the view port and cleared the content.

Finally, I set the layer opacity to 40%:

  • In the “viewport”, I have a normal rendering of the scene
  • Outside, I can see what I have around my viewport with a clear and distinct rendering

At the end, I made a “save as”, select viewport area, crop, and do the animation rendering