Animation: Copy\paste in layer's frames (without making new layer)

Hello Dear Krita Animation Community!

I really like Krita’s animation features! I’ve already wrote some suggestions to the animation department.
There is a question:
If I want to copy a section from a keyframe and paste to an other frame, was there any simple shortcut to do that?

I mean, the standard method ( Lasso tool -> select the region of the frame -> Ctrl+c -> select the other frame -> Ctrl+v) doesn’t work, because Krita creates an other layer automatically, and it’s not good for animation

Edit: Maybe the example photos not perfect because on that case, I can simply copy paste the entire frame. But what if I just want to copy paste the eyes for example?

Could you please help me?
Thank you in advance!

Animated layers seem to exist in a different space/domain to non-animated layers and the usual copy/paste functions don’t work in animated space.
What you can do is right-click on a keyframe and select Copy to Clipboard and then select any other frame and do Paste from Clipboard, for moving content between animated layers.

Something you can try is to have an empty non-animated layer on which you do paste from Clipboard, on the Timeline, then that will make the layer animated and have the pasted content in a frame. Then you can do Flatten layer in the Layers docker and you’ll have a non-animated image that you can do all the usual image manipulation activities on.
Then you can do right-click Create Duplicate Frame in the Timeline to bring that image back into animation space.

It’s convoluted but it’s to do with the basic underlying structure of how the animation is done.

Yeah, that’s a bit tedious. You need to move the frame on the new layer in the destination time slot and then merge them together…

Also the Copy from Clipboard method will work differently because it will replace the content instead of adding to it.