Animation - frame always on show (bug?)

I’m new to animating and have been trying out krita.

I’m currently 18 frames in. However the 18th frame of a particular layer is always showing - no matter if i delete it, change the animation end time, etc. The only way, of course, is deleting the layer entirely or turning the layer off.

I have been told elsewhere that this is a bug, however they were unable to give any advice on how to fix this.

Is there anyway to fix this? i can try to attach screenshots or screen recordings of what is happening if necessary at all.

Thank you for any advice! all and any will be greatly appreciated.


Best place for an advice is here I think :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be useful to understand what happens

For screenshots, a complete screenshot where time and layer stack dockers are visible would be better :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you for a quick response!

I’ll try to attach a few screenshots to try and show what is happening.

This frame has the 18th frame selected on the ‘tail’ layer, which is the only layer in which i’ve been having this issue.

Here I’ve selected the 15th frame, as an example, to show that the 18th frame won’t go away. When playing (unfortunately cannot attach footage!), the frame still remains while the rest move as they should.

I hope this makes sense - if not i can try and send a google drive/dropbox link to some recorded footage to show what I mean.

Everything seems normal in layer stack…

One thing is, it’s possible the drawing you have on frame 18 and you see on other frame is part of other frame…

If you try to erase it in frame 15 for example, is it still visible in frame 15 or not?


Apologies for a late response!

When I erase in frame 15, both 18 and 15 are affected - if I move frames however, frame 18 becomes visible on that particular frame until also erased.

That strange

Is possible to provide kra file?
You can use to share it (file is automatically deleted on first download)


Here you go:

Thank you in advance for the help! (And apologies also for any hassle caused.), all is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ok, I downloaded file.

I’ve made 2 simple tests.

Note: I’ve deactivated onion skin to not be distracted with previous/following frames

First test

Now, if go to any other frame (<17 or 18), the tail is still here and is complete (nothing erased on other frames)

Second test:

  • Go on frame 18
  • Erase/draw on frame

Now, if go to another frame (<18), the tail is still here and is unchanged (ie: change made on frame 18 are not reported to other frames)

For me there’s no bugs.

I just think that the tail from frame 18 (highlighted in blue here) is just drawn on all frames.

After, how this occurred is another story.
Not sure Krita have bugged with this; on my side I’m working animation with hundreds of frames and never saw this kind of problem.

The only case I see where this can occurs is:

  • You have the tail layer with animation frames
  • At a moment, you’ve created a new layer -that is not not animated- and drawn the tail that correspond to frame 18 on this layer
  • And then you’ve merged this layer with animated “tail” layer

In this case, layer not animated is merged on all frames of animated “tail” layer (that’s the normal behaviour)

Now to fix the tail frames, you have 2 possible solutions:
Solution 1

  1. Go to frame 18
  2. Do Select > Select opaque > Select opaque (replace)
  3. Go to frame 1, and delete selection content
  4. Go to next frame, Select > Reselect and delete selection content (and repeat from frame 1 to 17)
  5. Redraw “holes” in tail that result from deletion

Solution 2

  1. Deactivate onion skin on “tail” layer, rename layer “tail-to delete”, set opacity to 25%
  2. Create a new animated “tail” layer above “tail-to delete” layer
  3. Redraw all frames on new “tail” layer, using the “tail-to delete” as model
  4. Delete “tail” layer, and redraw all frames

You don’t have too many frames and tail isn’t complex, so solution 2 would be better because with solution 1, trying to fix holes made by deletion will probably generate visible connections…


Thank you so much for your help!

I’ll most likely do solution 2 - seems the safest for now!

Definitely gonna be making multiple saves at a time to prevent this from happening again. Have a good rest of your day! :smiley: