Arale (Dr. Slum) Sketch!

I’m having SO much fun with this one!
Lately I realized that I don’t like my drawings to look “too clean” so I decided to make a sketch with the fineliner-brush first. And I ended up loving the result so maybe I’ll keep it as the outline layer later!!


N’Chaaa :hugs:

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Actually, when she’s running she’s using “Kiii!” :smiley:
I needed to look it up, cause I knew she had some catch phrases but at the time it aired on TV I was too young to remember.

ahah you’re right :sweat_smile:
in french she said “Vrrraaaaaooouuuuummm” when she’s running

“N’chaaa” is for “Hello” and when she use the N’chaa canon :grimacing:

I would like to see the result :hugs:, I myself already made some drawing of Arale, but only sketch with paper&pen (so can’t post them here :upside_down_face:)


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Awww, I like the French version better than “Kiii” :smiley:
In German she used to say “Yohoooo” I think?
I’ll definitely post the result when I’m done! :slight_smile: If you want, you can send me your sketch via message?

In french, “vroum” is the onomatopoeia used for the sound produced by car’s engine, then “Vrrraaaaaooouuuuummm” is like a big car engine :sweat_smile:

In fact, there’s a About the Traditional category section in forum, so I posted some them here (Buli & Arale Norimaki), I think it’s ok :slight_smile: