Are "curved" monitors useable for painting

…or is it rather not advisable - which I suspect?
I ask this because I need a new monitor, and some of these curved displays are significantly cheaper than comparable conventional flat screens.


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That’s hard to say without using one. :thinking:

I think the curvature helps compensate for the perspective shift i.e. the sides getting smaller in your field of vision as they get further from the position of your eyes. But I don’t think that’s normally an issue as we’re used to working within a frame on a flat plane.

I imagine it would feel odd initially because it’s different, but your brain would probably adjust over time.

I’m totally guessing though! :yum:


Never used one, but I suspect it might be a problem/issue.


One of the feedback from a person who uses one ultra-wide curved display is that they got neck pain from constant neck movement. it depends on how you use it I think

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Thank you, @raghukamath, I forgot to mention the use-case and also the distance between the monitor and me, so you all can give better advice.

The monitor would be positioned quite close to me, a monitor with 32 or possibly 34 inches width would not require any neck movement, I would have it fully in view.
My concerns are about a possibly distorted display. When I work on such a monitor, I paint so that the representation is coherent for me and a roundness is round, as well as a straight line is straight, but if I gave such a picture to someone with a standard monitor or had it printed, I fear deviations.



Yes, I would think there would be differences because of the curvature … also in case of Prints…

when I was looking for monitors to buy, I did try a curve monitor and I returned it. If you cant test it before hand I don’t recommend it.

I use a 24’’ 16:9 curved monitor, and it’s great for painting imo. The distortion is minimal and only recognisable at the outer sides - where the UI is. I keep my artwork always in the middle, and I don’t zoom too much (which is better no matter if curved or non-curved monitor). Good colours & contrast & a nice black level are the important things, plus I found 144hz to be a lot easier on my eyes than 60hz.

Same for me. Plus you get used to it pretty quickly, so i don’t really see any way it would be bothersome.

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