Art - Discussion - Mountains (Help?)

So I recently drew this artwork:

It is by far not a finished piece. I know. But I really have no idea how to do the background or the details on the mountains. Please help?

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Do you mean the artistic content aspect of it (brushes, colours, textures) or the technical construction aspect (layers, opacity, blending modes)?

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Mostly technical construction. But anything helps.

If you want some inspiration for mountains then have a look at @Soma 's portfolio:

For the technical construction, have you used digital painting/drawing applications before? Are you familiar with layers, opacity, etc?

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Well I have been using medibang paint (on mobile device). I am familiar with the basics (like layers). But no one ever taught me how to paint. I just painted as I wanted. But now I really don’t know. So thanks for showing me that. I’ll experiment.

There are lots of YouTube tutorials for painting with traditional materials that are applicable to digital painting for the artistic representation part of things.
I’d suggest that you find some of those and try to copy what they show you.
And use layers of course.

If you have any questions about any technical aspect of krita or are wondering how to use any particular tool, then many people here would be able to offer advice and even detailed annotated screenshots.

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Okay so here are some updates on the painting (hope you like it!)

I wish I could have done the background better…


You can do the background better, if you want to.
Just make a new layer for it, turn off the old layer and try again :slight_smile:

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Looking at this again, I’d say you need to have a larger canvas size, at least 1000 x 1000 for display on a computer screen, probably larger.

Have you painted over the mountains? They have some nice angular shapes and surface details in your original post.

Can you post a fullscreen screenshot with the Layers docker visible?

I have just 2 layers. One for the mountains and one for the backround.

I’d tend to use more layers, especially for the mountains. Now that you’ve painted over the surface details, you’ve lost them and can’t get them back.

I’ve taken your original .png and restructured it, here:

Please try it and see if the extra layer over the original mountains is useful for adding detail (maybe with reduced opacity) while keeping the original character of the moutains.

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Thank you :upside_down_face:

It’s difficult to advise without appearing self proclaimed but iwould do the background first and then add the mountains that should help with some depth perception.I always start furthest away and work towards the front as the image becomes closer the colours should become more saturated and distant colours should be more faded and have more blue in them if we are talking hills and/or vegetation.Adding more green will bring the image forwards.You could add ambience by careful use of light and shadow and perhaps add interest to the mountain tops by shrouding them in mist or low lying cloud.Good luck hope this gave you some ideas.