Artfight anyone?

Anyone attending art fight this Year?
I was a bit late last year since I only learned about it when it was almost over. This time I’m throwing my hat in the ring early.

I’m on Team Sugar

I read the How it works and FAQ, but I’m not sure to understand how it really works :roll_eyes:

But the most important thing is, except Help and Shop pages, it seems you must have an account to access pages and saw I don’t know what :slight_smile:


Its basically like this: You register and get sorted into a team. Then you draw the original characters of someone from the enemy team and upload it to score points for your team. The other team does the same. When you are lucky you get artworks of your original character, when someone attacks you or defends your attack. I mostly use ist to get a bit out of my comfort zone and draw characters I wouldn’t do usually.

Yes, but you can’t be a spectator without being registered?
Having to create an account just to view battle results, mmh… :scream:

How the points are given?
Just by drawing enemy character?
There’s a vote?
Quality is taken in account? Or other method to count point is used?

Example, if I draw this (there’s no really interest to draw this but it’s for example :slight_smile:):
There’s a validation to tell “ok, that’s a great/bad defense”? :thinking:

I understand, it’s like more a challenge for yourself :+1:

(*)Yes, it’s an original artwork :sweat_smile:


Hm, this must be new? It’s been a year but I think last year you could browse the artworks at least.

There is a scoring system with different categories. depending on how much effort you put into your work you get a higher score. It’s explained a bit here
Additional points are earned by votes on your attack.

Also for the attack to work, you must draw an OC from the other team. And there are moderators that check the uploads and if submissions where made correctly. When the event is over it usually takes some time until the winning team is announced since they are still checking the submissions.

Yes, and of course I want my team to win :3. I think it’s a fun idea like Inktober and stuff.

Don’t know… I got this when I want to see artworks… :roll_eyes:

I read this page, but didn’t understood the schema relative to “Size”
But ok, it’s not a problem.

Your explanation gave me a better understanding of the art fight concept and rules.

The only thing is, the fact you must have account just to be a spectator is a blocking thing for someone like me :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck for your battle(s)!
And don’t hesitate to post your fight attack/defenses drawings on KA :slight_smile: