Artist needed for new Libre web comic

Hi All - I am looking for a great artist to help making a libre web comic -specifically for outreach for my projects… I run a large university research lab that specializes in free and open source sustainability stuff - and what I am interested in is a web comic that has a maker heroine in small short stories similar to the libre web comic Pepper and Carrot - but illustrating one of the designs we developed in each issue. Perhaps more words that I would write and a few really nice images per issue.

For example, have one where the hero is building a recyclebot and making filament for 3d printing from household plastic, one where she is helping a blind person navigate with a wrist ultrasound, etc. We produce between 20-40 studies a year- and many of them would be worth illustrating so there is a lot of content. I can provide a basic idea of the story/ concept sketch and plenty of images/figures from the papers on the hardware. I am looking for someone interested in a long term relationship.

If you are interested - please send examples of your Krita art.

What would it cost per comic or per painting? and about how long would it take? In the start I would see us doing a lot of them based on our prior work - and then going forward we could aim at 1/month.


Joshua Pearce


Hi Joshua,
I don’t think I have the level to do that type of webcomic (yet!), plus I already have too much things I want to do, but I just wanted to say that what you’re doing seems very cool! :+1:
I hope you’ll find someone.

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Thank you!

Hey Joshua, i am interested in That project, if you are still looking for someone : )

I do Comics and short animations but im not sure if its the style youre looking for, even thou i could do something more inviting/ clean for sure.

here ismy Vimeo account:

some comic i did for an competition:
(i cant upload more than 2 images or include more than 2 links, cause i am new to the forum)

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hi! just incase you are still searching for an artist, I’m interested in doing your comic, sounds pretty cool!

I’d made a short comic for a ttrpg company a while a go, you can check it here:

I can adapt to other styles, no problem :wink:

here is my socials if you wanna take a look :slight_smile:

normaly in comics you pay per page, in my case from $120 to $150, but we could negociate prices per project too.

thanks for the oportunity <3