Auto toggle "inherit alpha" for clipping mask layer from PSD

First of all, thank you for this great software.

Background Story

I am a game developer and I often receive game arts from freelance in PSD file format either export from PS or other drawing software such as CSP. In order to import the art to game engine or animation software, I need to export the PSD into images (some layers) using Photoshop script. The problem is I don’t really use Photoshop and I want to skip Photoshop completely from my workflow. Thus, I am trying to use Krita as a tool to export PSD to game sprites. However there is a little problem loading psd with clipping mask layers.

About the suggestion

Current krita can already open PSD but the clipping mask mechanism is lost.
I found that I could manually fix it by grouping the base pixel layer and the clipped layers above to a group and manually toggle the “Inherit Alpha” for some layers. But for large complex PSD file, the task become impossible because it is too much and too hard to tell which layers should toggle “Inherit Alpha”.

So my suggestion is to have the PSD loading logic automatically toggle the “Inherit Alpha” and preferably auto group them if needed. It will definitely make Krita more PSD friendly and help other people also facing the same issue, open psd file with clipping mask correctly.

Thank you

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This sounds like a great feature to have! The easier Krita can work with other programs the better! :grin:
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My suggestion is really to just ditch the PSD file format. that will only give you pain. But wanting to ditch PS and working with people that use it is a loosing battle you will have to work with it somehow :\

I would probably make some tests to see if EXR can hold its own to replace it.
It simply carries much more info inside it and far better, but I am not sure about active clipping masks at all but the mask itself should be inside it still somewhere.

that would be cool but PS does NOT play well with others they actively work against any of compatibilities with others and even with themselves, that is why they make so many versions, in order to update their file formats and force people to update. Adobe serve themselves not their users.

unrelated rant:
I started hating PS the first time I managed to actually open a ABS file. then I started to see how they treat people like retards and force people to continue that way because if no one understand it is magic that only PS can solve, no one can transition out of them(there is no magic). And each time I hear someone say they can’t transition out of it… I know Adobe has got them by the balls and they don’t care enough to do otherwise.

But wanting to ditch PS and working with people that use it is a loosing battle you will have to work with it somehow :\

There is actually no problem opening it from other drawing app such as CSP and Affinity if I really need to modify the PSD file. The only issue I am facing is to have a script to export the PSD file to layer images with some logic. Right now, CSP and Affinity don’t support scripting to do so. I evaluated Gimp and Krita and I think Kirta is a better choice.

I want to ditch PSD too but many drawing software just don’t save to a common editable format except PSD. I myself primarily use CSP but it doesn’t save to EXR or ORA, and it is closed source and does not support plugin so there is no way out atm. Other people I work with, they just already have plugins and workflow setup to work so efficiently inside Photoshop. I doubt they will want to leave even if they need to pay subscription every month.

By the way, there is a new PSD SDK just open sourced not long ago. Not sure if It could be helpful to understand more about the PSD format.

there is no issue with them because they pay a subscription to Adobe to have that compatibility :expressionless: Krita is a free program unlike CSP and Affinity, that is something that will never happen. Even if they manage to make the free version of PSD to work Adobe will just change it again as they always do… >3>

Even? they will Have too… all old versions are now banned because of a TOS issue with some old code, so if you bought a full version in the past it is not legal anymore. And let me guess “I won’t change because I can’t import my PS brushes into that~~” cringgeeeee I hate those words so much my head even spins.

Even Mari that has perfect one on one conversion of PS brushes they won’t budge. it is not a something they can’t do else where just the same. They are just like old people that are just too old to learn anything new beyond a single brush in PS.

After the CC version rolled out I simply stopped trying to understand any of it really. I can take a look but I doubt I will ever use anything Adobe ever again in my life unless I meet one of those people again dread I have been working to make a workflow Adobe and Autodesk free and I really think 2020 is just the perfect year for just that :smiley: