Awez Hard Rough Brushes For Krita 5

One issue I’ve always had with many brush packs I’ve seen is a lack of good hard edge brushes. There’s many great options out there for very delicate soft edged painting but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to blunt expressiveness which can easily be obtained in traditional painting techniques. I decided to make a set of textural and hard edge brushes for use in my own art and hopefully yours!

There are 5 textural rough brushes and 5 hard edge brushes. All of which are tools to be mastered for unique results. A tablet with tilt and pen pressure is required for the full functionality of these! Many change drastically depending on the angle and pressure put, explore what you can accomplish with each! I would recommend the rough brushes for blocking out large shapes and the hard brushes for refining the shapes and edges.

Download here:


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These are super cool! Thanks for sharing! These are more hardcore and bold than most of what I have seen too, it is awesome to see a brush pack cover this area of painting! :grin:

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Very nice kit, thanks @Awez

I’m looking for a similar “feeling” aspect in my own brushes. As light to the drawing hand as possible, but at the same time extremely expressive.

You nailed it pretty well here I have to say. Toying around for now, but so far my favorites are Hard B, Hard E and Rough A, B and E.

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Sorry for the bump, but here’s another example using these brushes! Zoom in to check out the textures.


Hi @Awez , It’s nice collection of brushes. I noticed that you included the standard triangle.svg brushtip in your bundle, which was probably not intended.
Also, one of the brushtip files has a very long name that makes the brush editor window go very wide. It’s on ‘Awez Rough D’.

Hi Awez, congrats on your brushpack! You are another person (except @razcore-rad ) who noticed Krita lacks a bit some ‘harder’ brushes to choose from!
I installed your set and it looks fine except some brushes seems not to work:
- Awez Hard E
- Awez Rough B
- Awez Rough C
- Awez Rough D
- Awez Rough E

When I select them and try to draw, nothing happens.
I have KRITA v5.02 installed so don’t know why they don’t work. :frowning:
Could you help, please?