bad memories

forgetting is losing a piece of yourself, after all, without memories, who are you?!

this was the start and a couple progress updates, if you’re interested
kynlo sketch 2021 0808


Excellent as always!

I like the first sketch almost as much as the final result. The sketch has a sense of direction from hand to hair to the child. It reminds me of some kind of stylized 1930’s promotional poster.

The final image is more emotional, telling a story.

Also, loosing or losing? Both words could work.


Thanks @Bleke! I love old posters - i rarely get to see any in person, but every so often i come across a small gallery! Unfortunately, they just don’t seem to demand as much attention as paintings.

lol … yeah, should be losing … :smiley: I must have gotten excited

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Fortunately they are available on the net. :slight_smile:

But I agree, it’s quite special to see them for real. I saw some at the Design Museum in Copenhagen when they had an exhibition ten years ago.

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You Kynled it ! (again)

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Looks like an MTG card. Wow.

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there is something about it

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You brought the deep.

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Thanks @MangaTengu , @EyeOdin, @Aurora9x19, and @Sineater!

I saw this painting and my breath was taken away. It has a lot of depth. Just by the paiting you see the mystical and that it has something to do with memories that are taken from you without reading the work title. And lost pieces that you maybe represent the two frayed below. For me, it also has something to do with transience and the course of life. Getting older.

I have never said that about any work here. But I love your work.
I have tears in my eyes and touches me deeply.


Thank you @anon71590212, it has a lot of personal meaning to me as well.

This is absolutely stunning, excellent piece. Such emotion being captured, congrats!

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