Bezier Modifier Keys Not Working (resolved)

Hello! I’m brand new to Krita, learning all the tools.

According to the manual, while making a line with the bezier curve tool, pressing the modifier keys will change the line, Alt will create a sharp corner for instance.

This isn’t working for me. This is what the key are supposed to do and what I’m getting:

Alt = sharp corner (I get nothing)
Crtl = push handles both ways (I get nothing)
Shift = add handle to end of curve (I get a color dropper)

Pretty confusing. What am I doing wrong?

Krita 4.4.3 on Linux Mint 20

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I never got an understanding of the Bezier Curve tool modifier keys or the Bezier Curve tool and if I ever did then I forgot after a couple of hours.
However, for the Alt to give sharp corners, it seems that this works:

Left-click-hold, Alt-press-hold, move to new position,
left-click release, Alt-release,
Left-click-hold, Alt-press-hold, move to new position,

Someone may know a simpler technique and I have no idea how Ctrl and Shift can be made to do something special.

Note: It should be the Ctrl key that gives a colour dropper if you use it on its own.

If I want fancy curved lines, I use a vector polyline or polygon then use the Edit Shapes tool on it:

Wow, thanks. I was pressing the modifier first, never would have thought it was supposed to be after the mouse click. Tested your method and now I’m getting those sharp corners with Alt.
Also, I’d tried out the polyline tool you suggested, I can see how it’s a bit easier.

Thanks again!

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