Brad Colbow reviews every drawing app

Reviewing software can be a bit subjective, but nonetheless he gives some interesting points.
And (spoiler) Krita is among the best: Ranking Every Drawing App - YouTube


He should have had an ‘E’ (excellent) category for Krita.

“I hate GIMP!” That was very subjective.
(GIMP is not a drawing app.)



yeah its kinda unfair oth i can see why.

GIMP is one of those software that gets “Photoshop replacement label”

Now on those in the know - its photoshop replacement for image editing, but for other’s Photoshop [even if its core is image editor] is used as a digital painting software and they try doing that with GIMP because they heard “photoshop replacement” without the nuance and get disappointed.

It’s like how other expect krita to perform better in photomanip - even though it kinda can - at its core its for digital painting all because other throws the term “photoshop replacement” .

though i wish this reviewer do a bit of research on what exactly the focus of each of this app before reviewing. That helps with expectations and put more nuance. This suddenly remind me of that one that review inkscape for digital painting and tried to paint with it like ps… and is annoyed it didnt perform well - while it was a vector drawing app.

Brad colbow though like krita very much [ he made a vid on Krita 5 improvs and the Beta ver on android] . He also like CSP - so i think that puts his preference in the illustration/toon side of things.




I see this a lot and we often get those “why can’t Krita do everything Photoshop can” kinda topics here now and then because of wrong expectations.


Glad to see Krita among the top tier, but sad to see all other Free Software apps at the bottom. From the looks of it I get the impression that brad thinks Free and open source means slow development and not polished.


Ha, he gives Photoshop “S” because an “S” - “Standard”.

If I where him, I would rate Photoshop CS6 “S”. But the crap they are putting out right now would be at a maximum a “B” for me. I’m not the biggest fish in Adobe’s pond, I know that, but at work we got over 40 seats/licenses and you hear someone yell at some Adobe stuff probably every hour. Compared to CS6, that increased dramatically.

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It bugged me a little too to see GIMP get so much hate out of nowhere, and because of ‘user friendliness’ nonetheless.
When we were making the new texture brush blends I tried Photoshop for the first time, so I could see the Height mode in practice. I never struggle more in my life, to this day I’m unsure of how to add new layers or clear a layer on Photoshop.
So for me Photoshop is a clumsy mess where you can’t do anything. However on GIMP I look like a 90’s hacker while using its menus and shortcuts.

Lastly what aggravate for me about his ‘review’ is because he retract from talking about Corel’s product, as he hasn’t use them for a long time. Then on the comment section he admits not having used GIMP for years, and maybe he should check it out some time in the future :unamused:
Basically flaming GIMP for nothing, as a drawing app to top it off, even thou it is a editing app. While not using it in the last year.

But alas, for all the rest it was a fair review.


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