Bringing the Shape Brush Engine more in line with other engines

The Shape brush engine is extremely useful for shape carving and blocking in a painting very quickly but at the moment a lot of work is then required afterwards to bring back texture and colour variation through the normal brushes. This can make it difficult to achieve quick, graphical styles as it’s hard to avoid overworking. As it stands, my approach is to use a regular laso tool and then a regular brush to fill in with some texture.

You can see in this video how Tiffanie Mang uses a textured fill brush in Infinite Painter in her workflow:

This reduces the need for reworking and allows her to fill in defined masses without the need for finicky brush control like you would trying to do the same thing with a knife and tilt support.

Really the core functionality we’re missing is to add a pattern to the shape brush settings like we have in the other engines. The pattern position could then have a setting to be randomised per stroke or not depending on the artists needs.

It would also be good to have the HSV jitter options as well. The most logical implementation for this would be on a per stroke basis but check out the video below showing how HEAVYPAINT handles fuzzy dab as well (although in HP you can’t create truly concave shapes as each dab draws from the stroke origin).

While a stroke-agnostic texture mapping makes the most sense to align with the rest of Krita’s brushes, there could potentially be some merit in how HP is essentially creating a UV space for the fill which can then be mapped correctly for textures and, more importantly, gradients. They also have a polygonal fill option which makes sense from a UX point of view as we’re essentially lasoing.

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too “Application X has this, so Krita must have it, too”.

Shape Brush Engine could use some features to bring it more in line with other engines.

  • Patterns for masking the fill with option for randomising the mapping.
  • HSV having a fuzzy stroke option.
  • Potentially mapping the stroke to be able to have gradient fills.
  • Potentially adding option for polygonal shapes.

Textured fills would be great, escpecially when color dynamics would be possible. I really like this in Heavy Paint & IP.