Brush Icon Template


  1. The outer frame can be adjusted with layer style, or the frame can be discarded (or a round frame, a square may be ugly in the right-click menu);Two layers, vector and pixel, are available for quick or complex productions
  2. Icons can be taken or not,or just add an icon
  3. vector paths are used to give a non-pressure, non-blending brush stroke; the “pass-through” mode is used so that the eraser can be erased from the stroke
  4. The eraser can be painted in “Eraser 1” with the erase mode off, or directly paint on the background’s transparency mask “Eraser 2”
  5. The default background is grey, I used the colour and texture in the layer style
  6. The checkerboard grid is used to represent the effect of the eraser, it is SeExpr so it is adjustable

    (No icon is placed in the picture)