[Brush pack] Deevad's 2021 bundle

Hey, my brushes are in constant evolution, and yesterday evening I thought it was time to pack the ones that survived more than a year of production without too much mutations. I collected this way a pack of 18 brushes, cleaned a bit the thumbnails, names and created the Krita bundle.

These brushes are now classics for my practice and part of my vocabulary. Maybe they’ll help you too? To get an idea before installing them, here under is a set of pictures to present you the brushes and where I used them.

Instructions to download the brush and install them comes after. A video (on my Yt channel) will follow soon to describe them better.


Here is a direct link: 2021-08-05_Deevad_2021.zip


  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Open Krita and go to Setting > Manage Resources
  4. Press the Import Bundles button (or import Resources in Krita 5), and find the extracted file on your disk.
  5. Press Ok, Restart Krita.
  6. Done!

The brushe bundle doesn’t come with a “tag”, the brushes blends well with the default brush kit. You’ll probably have to hunt a bit for them in the list. I tested them on Krita 4.4.5 and also on Krita 5~dev. I hope they’ll install easily on your side.


This brushes are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 to “David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com”. This attribution is necessary in case of redistributing the pack, commercializing it, or modifying the brushes files. This attribution is not necessary in case of usage (you can paint any artwork you want with it, you still own totally your artwork). This attribution is not necessary in case of doing screenshot/screenrecording of Krita while using the brushes.


I will test them as soon as I can. Your work is always bringing good things. I am specially curious about inking. Thanks a lot for sharing them. :+1::grin::clap:

Ah! I’ve been wondering if/when we’d see a new brush pack from you, and now here it is!

Cheers! And thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: :beers:

I’ll try it out later, so much top I enjoyed it too.Thanks so much for sharing

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Thanks for your brushes. Greetings.

Hi @Deevad , after watching the video i would like to remark some good things.
1-The importance of “personal” pressure setting. YES! it can make a huge change of what a brush stroke looks like.
2- Invite to adapt them
3- Beautiful icons, i know you spend lot of time watching them, so yes, good icons are important too.
4-The idea of using 2 brushes for similar task i think will be less important in Krita 5 with new Color Smudge .More impact with opacity.
5-Brushtips as emblems, is an idea i like, but is only useful if you use not too much brushes and the icon is quite big. But for me personally is useful.

About What the brushpack is offering, i think is really focused to be used as you explain. So is very good for your fans.

I can’t see you using too much tilt. a personal preference, not needed for your work? :slight_smile:

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