Brush settings GUI

Personally, I quite like the GUI of Blender which displays the old brush size when switching to the new. This makes it easier to gauche whether the new brush size is more appropriate than the old. Furthermore, Krita’s ability to change brush size when holding shift and moving horizontally, could be expanded in the vertical direction to allow for changing hardness (or opacity/ brush tilt, amongst others). The deciding factor in which setting is changed should be based on the initial gesture direction being either vertical or horizontal.

Finally, I think it would be great if instead of dragging to confirm the size, the procedure would be altered for non modifier key usage. Now, I assigned “F” to change the brush size. Though it requires me to drag while holding down the key, instead of pressing the hotkey and clicking to confirm when I am happy with the settings.

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I think that would be a big problem, many of us draw “quickly” so more steps to confirm the size remain seconds in the whole process.


I understand that, I think that clicking to confirm is more favourable to mouse usage, while dragging is for pen tablets. In terms of disscussing this: would it make any difference for you if pressing the key activates the widget and when you lift the pen, it would confirm the settings?

Nevertheless, a vertical action to change settings and a display of the previous brush sizes would actually add to the tool imo.

i personally rather have an option to tie the other properties in a different modifier key bind.
Its not very conducive to pen - which i think a good portion of us uses.

with how fast some of sketch, i think it gets confusing very fast when you shift+drag and started changing not the size but the other setting just because of pen direction. It’s neat idea but i can also see how it can stumble on some workflow. like what would be the angle variation before the other property is triggered.

For me atleast it will frustrate me. lets say i lift, its pops up do i need to click again to just to confirm its the right size. that will throw my flow.

Most of the time if i use shift+drag action - i dont really care much about the exact size as long as its fits what i need. I use the quick setting for specific one or if im at my main workstation - i rig my game pad to have [ and ] , also one of my mouse modes has that. Though i rarely use it.

Its good idea for those who want precision in their drawing, but there is also the tactile analog feel. The if I see canvas to draw with minimal other clicking needed. :sweat_smile: unless its needed and I called for it.

Have you had this problem in software where this two-axis functionality is present? I. too thought it would be bad, but after using some iPad apps that do work this way, I found the two modes don’t get confused very easily.

What I made to solve this issue for myself was making a button that saves the current settings for the brush and if I mess it up I click it and it will restore it. Thus holding the preferred setting. This with my own sliders to snap increments or shortcuts to adjust unitwise for something I feel relevant. But it looses available input commands very fast so something like vertical axis or horizontal axis would not be a bad idea.

Usually i get used to things after awhile.
Its not really for me - i can adapt quickly. I was thinking someone new might get confuse but if the axis is well defined with some leeway [+adjustable to which property will be assigned to which direction] , the suggested gesture key combo can work well.
I can imagine myself utilizing it.

OTH i never manage to adapt to pie menus for some reason :sweat_smile:

I would not need the “old size - new size” feature, but i would like the “softness - hardness” change by moving the pen vertically. It’s the same in Photoshup and I use it there quite often.

The angle threshold would be 45 degrees and the idea is that you change either the vertical or horizontal property, that’s the way it works in Photoshop. There could be an option to only change one a the time for those who would like to avoid confusion. Meaning if you want to change both settings, you’d need to invoke the hotkey again.

@kaichi1342 But I think that by showing the previous settings; hardness and/ or opacity with a dummy brush (like Photoshop) and size with the previous size (like the Blender example in the opening post) it becomes rather insightful what setting has been changed.

Seeing as how I am personally short on keys to map commands to, this proposal would reduce the requirement by one. In addition to having more access to brush settings on the fly.

@EyeOdin I could see double tapping the same key for reverting the brush settings to the previous state as a possible solution.



I did some sketches - 4 possible direction if im counting correctly. Tell me if i understood this correctly?

Up - Down , Left - Right , UpLeft - DownRight, DownLeft - UpRight

:sweat_smile: Angle snapping the direction from shift action , might help eliminate errors from someone like me who dont particularly know my angles.

As for reset to previous :thinking: I cant think of any right now / as long its not an additional click. :sweat_smile:

The shift button [in my case]?


I was thinking about only horizontal and vertical directions, but adding the NE-SW and NW-SE directions would be interesting, good idea! That way you could indeed factor in flow and opacity, or brush rotation and opacity making it an all in one brush settings gesture GUI.

Just thinking now then, would you like to have an indicator of which direction alters what, such as the faint compass lines you drew? And how do we show all settings? That cannot be shown the way Photoshop does, I think, since that would double the info box in height.

I suppose the double tap button should be user configurable in the canvas input settings, so it could be shift then.

E: Considering you can already specify button and function allocation in the Canvas input settings, the configuration could take place there when there would be a column for directionality. That way, users could make multiple of these gestures for several keys or combine them into one.


4 axis is not overly bloated and will make math harder for no reason and not to mention the ability to enter a given axis without doing a big change at the start. After all you gotta aim inside those options.

You can easily make a test panel to see how easy or hard it is to do that.

My suggestion is up-down and left-right only.


Maybe you are right, though Pie menus are also like this and have 8-10 buttons and some people go through those at such a pace that the menu doesn’t even show on their monitor, so I don’t know actually. But if it’s difficult to implement, I could definitely do without.

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You are right it can be confusing. I struggle with pie menus so… I can see that

i thought of 4 axis since the angle snapping is there in line tool - i was kinda playing with it.

2 axis is fine with me if there is an option which two property, and maybe an alternate invoc.
where if another key is press a different option in the axis can appear.

but if this is too much to implement. the original 2 is good enough for me :slight_smile: