Brush with pressure sensitivity off

Hey everyone, I am looking for brush that can be used for continues handwriting like in OneNote or Evernote. For that I think by turning off pressure sensitivity for brush, I’ll be able to achieve my goal.

So if anyone could lead me the way, I would be very thankful to you.

To disable the pen pressure for size or any other parameter, go to the brush editor by pressing F5 and then uncheck the parameter from left side or uncheck the option enable pen settings in the parameter tab.

You can also assign a shortcut for toggling pen pressure in the keyboard shortcut dialog box. Go to Configure Krita -> Keyboard Shortcuts then search for pen pressure and assign a new shortcut to it.

For quick notes there is a good handy brush called d) Ink-2 Fineliner


Thanks @raghukamath I’ll try to let you know anything goes wrong.

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I tested it and this is d) Ink-2 Fineliner perfect brush I wanted. Thanks @raghukamath