Bug feedback, after the drawing angle is locked, the angle will still change

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I get large glitches when drawing from right to left, but not from left to right, as you show in your screenshots.
At other angles, there are smaller glitches.
You can make a bug report at https://bugs.kde.org/ then post a link to the report in a reply here.

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Fine. Thank you!

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When I delete the relevant content of the “ stabilizingCoeff ”, it seems normal. I don’t know whether it is a bug, but the results in photoshop are consistent with the modified ones


You found a bug and fixed a bug :+1:

That may not be noticed by the appropriate developer, even though they do read this forum when they’re not busy.

If you create a formal bug report then you can include notes about your fix and that could be very helpful.

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I reported it just now: 448444 – After the drawing angle is locked, the angle will still change (kde.org)


But I don’t know if this is a bug. The deleted code seems to change the angle smoothly, but it doesn’t seem to be set in other software, such as photoshop and clipstudiopaint.

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