(Bug) Krita automatically using drag tool

A couple of days ago I started using again Krita (I felt it was a bit overwhelming at first so I moved to fire alpaca to start drawing).
However when I started sketching, a problem started occurring: Whenever I clicked on the undo button in my pen (wacom), it defaulted to also enabling the pan tool for as long as I held the button.

I tried updating my drivers and reinstalling Krita (neither of these helped).

Do you have any fixes to this problem?

Edit: I’ve been messing around with both the wacom center and krita to understand what’s the problem. Here’s the following: The tablet is working properly, however, for some god forsaken reason, Krita forces the default key bindings into the stylus (meaning that the first button will always be the right click for krita and the second button will be middle mouse, regardless of changes done in the wacom center). This means that although the command prompt from the wacom settings happen, so does Krita’s, making both buttons always have overlapping features.
Is there any way to disable Krita’s priority?

This sounds like your pen’s button is mapped to the middle mouse button at the same time. Panning is mapped to middle mouse button by default and it looks like both, undo and panning are set to the same key in your krita.

I took your advice and changed the keybind of the panning tool to 0 (on the number bar).

The problem is persisting, unfortunately.

Just to be clear, when you pressed the stylus button, did it perform the Undo action as well as bringing up the hand-pan icon?

The Pan tool doesn’t normally have a keyboard shortcut (at least not in the default shortcurt profile). When you looked at it in the keyboard shortcuts listing, was it set to anything before you changed it?

What the Pan tool does have is a mapping to middle mouse button in the Canvas Input Settings.

In the Wacom setup/config utility, you map the stylus buttons there.
Also, it’s a good idea to set up a profile for krita. The application profiles are shown along the top of the utility window and you start with just the general/default one. You add another application with the ‘+’ button and it can detect which applications are running so you can choose them from a list.

Did you map the stylus button to Ctrl+Z in the Wacom setup utility?
If you do that with the profile for krita selected, that may help the situation.

Another thing you could do is use one of the tablet buttons set to Ctrl+Z for the Undo action.

This is a lot of information in a single message.

Regarding the first sentence: yes, it both undoes and shows the hand-pan icon.

As for shortcuts, it didn’t show any button assigned to it, so I assumed it’d change from middle mouse to the keyboard button (didn’t work).

I used the wacom desktop center to set up the undo button (I don’t use the tablet buttons all that often).

Could you explain how the profile works further please? It seems to be a possible solution.

Thank you for answering the post. Hope to hear from you soon ^^

I took your advice and bind it to Ctrl+Z instead of the undo. The problem narrows down to the stylus button being linked to the pan tool in some way. I don’t understand how, it just keeps happening.

I also created a krita profile in the wacom center, but nothing happened

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I’ve just set the ‘front’ button of my Wacom stylus to be Ctrl+Z and it works to perform Undo with no pan/scroll action:

What is annoying is that you have close the Wacom Tablet Properties window before any changes are impemented.

As a desperation measure, you can disable the panning with Middle click (or spacebar) in the Settings -> Configure Krita -> Canvas Input Settings -> Pan Canvas inputs set.

As I mentioned before, the use of keyboard shortcuts to switch to the Pan tool (in the Toolbox docker) is a separate thing from using Middle-click (or whatever) to temporarily activate a panning action, as set in the Canvas Input Settings.

Thank you so much for the desperate measure option. It fixed the problem, however I couldn’t just disable it (or more it to a key shortcut), but thankfully my mouse has more buttons so I could put the mouse shortcut as one of the side buttons.

It started doing another wacky thing though: instead of panning, it now goes into the magnifying glass.

But no worries though, as it doesn’t affect the drawing at all.

You can disable/remove a Canvas Input Setting by right-click -> Delete Shortcut.

The magnifying glass (zoom) inputs are in the Zoom Canvas input set (as you’d expect).
They have a significant number of Ctrl, Middle Button and Space combinations which does suggest that your Wacom tablet/stylus is putting out Middle Button (and/or Space) signals still.
There may be something wrong with your tablet driver.

Generally it is best to avoid setting up any shortcuts in the Wacom pen settings and rather configure the application. For my tablet I just have right, middle and left click on the pen, which is the default and everything else is configured in Krita or on my Wacom’s remote to avoid conflicts like they are described here. That way I can use my tablet for different applications without having to set up multiple profiles and have to switch them in the Wacom settings manager.

Probably. I’ll see if updating is a possibility.

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