[bug?] Krita panning and zooming of canvas breaks temporarily if the Krita window is rearranged with the meta+arrow key

In between temporarily always panning and zooming used to break till I switched tools. Now I realised this could be because of rearranging the window.

How to test (tested currently on KDE on linux):
→ Open Krita
→ test that panning and zooming is working with the MMB scroll etc.
→ Press meta(windows key) + right arrow key to make Krita occupy the right side of the screen
→ test zooming and panning with the mouse. Nothing happens to the canvas.
→ In the toolbar switch from the current tool to another tool
→ test zooming and panning with mouse again. Works as expected.

Other observations:
→ switching tools via keyboard shortcuts makes no difference only switching tools via the toolbar does. So if I am in canvas only mode I need to press tab to go out of the mode and then toggle the tools with the mouse.

This causes a lot of interruptions for me while working. The zomming and panning does not get stuck if the Krita window is resized with the handles that popup at the edge of the window to grow/shrink it.

Can others test and see if it is reproducible for them as well with KDE, other DE’s, and/or OSs.

Tested on Krita 5.1.

I can confirm this happens, There are several focus issues like that, but it’s pretty hard to figure out how to work around those code-wise: until we get the first focus-in event, Krita imply doesn’t get those mouse events.

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Ok thank you. I guess I’ll be stuck with the workaround indefinitely then. Can krita detect when it is made foreground and refocus the canvas. I don’t mind toggling between two windows to loosen the canvas if that can be possible programmatically. It is less disruptive than switching tools/tabbing out etc.