Bug with my Huion Tablet and Krita

So hello everyone ^ ^
I wanted to get some help here, It’s been years now I’ve been using my Huion Kamvas Pro 13 to draw daily and make animations on krita. It always worked perfectly…

But I started having a weird problem with krita for a few weeks now, pressure sensitivity works just fine, and the buttons are ok too, buuuuut, the problem is :

When the pen is in the canvas, at random moments, ( in the basic mode of my tablet with all my butons configured ) the tip of the stylus do nothing… It works everywhere else than on the canvas ( the toolbox, and the interface works just fine ).
A few weeks ago I got a new SSD on my computer and installed windows on it, to have the system go a lil smoother, but since then, when I reinstalled the updated version of both the tablet’s driver and Krita,
this problem appeared.

I don’t know where it’s comming from, I tried putting Krita in Open GL instead of D3D buuut it changed nothing, still randomly can’t use my stylus and the only way for it to work again is to reboot the PC.
I tried everything, and still going nowhere and randomly be cut in my drawing process needing to reboot again… and again.

Ho and somehow going streaming my screen on discord vocal chat to show the problem to some friends and ask their help,somehow automaticly starts the problem too…
I don’t know I’m confused and it’s been a few weeks now XD somebody help please ! ^ //// ^’

It’s probably the driver. Since the huion driver update some time ago, we get a lot of questions like yours. I’ve pointed this out to huion, and they’ve taken the issue to their technical staff.

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Huion has asked me to ask you to contact them:

Please mail service@huion.com with the following information:

  • Version of our tablet driver they’ve installed

  • OS version you are using

  • Serial number of your tablet

  • Krita version

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