Bugs in Krita-5.0.0-prealpha


In an another topic, @AhabGreybeard wrote:

On my side, I’m also using/testing Krita 5.0.0 (practicaly every day) and I try to ignore bugs as most of time I consider it might be a temporary bug on which a developer maybe already working on.

But I currently have 2 bugs.
First one is boring: just not possible to work properly with vector shapes, but still possible to work (just very boring as workaround have to be applied all the time…)
Second one is a major bug for me as it’s now impossible to use Krita to work on some document made with 4.4.X (at least I’ve 2 documents on which projections are not properly calculated and this is a very blocking bug…)

I’m not sure that opening an official bug on bugs.kde.org is the right thing to do because it’s still pre-alpha and maybe problem is already known.
But how can I be sure that problems are known? :thinking:
For example, wrong projection calculation is a big blocking regression, I don’t know why it occurs for some of my documents -didn’t test other documents- and maybe my document have some specific properties for which bug occurs and for which developer aren’t aware of (note: no problem occurs with document on 4.4.3).
Maybe problem is known. Maybe not…

In few month when official beta will be released, maybe problem will be fixed, maybe not.

What is the best thing to do when major bugs are found on pre-alpha release?
Wait for beta to open a bug?
Create a topic on krita-artists?